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How much does a nanny cost in Newmarket?

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Hiring a nanny can be a game-changer, especially for busy parents who need a professional touch in taking care of their young ones. However, understanding the associated costs can be challenging. Between up-front costs of hiring and the recurring costs of wages and activities, navigating the financial side of hiring a nanny can be overwhelming, even more so for first time parents. In general, nanny rates depend on the number of children you have and the duties required by the nanny. These duties can include preparing meals, taking the kids to school, doing laundry, etc. Nannies can also provide nighttime or newborn care if that is what you're searching for. But not to fear! In this article, we’ll dive into the details around different factors that impact the costs to hiring and what you can expect throughout the hiring stages.
So how much does a nanny cost? From our research, on average they charge $20.00 an hour in Newmarket.

Nanny rates in Newmarket

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* Rate information as of July 22, 2024
Azita R
Azita R
Hello there! I'm Azita, an experienced nanny in Newmarket, Ontario, with a passion for caring for children of all ages. I am currently seeking a full-time, live-out position with a loving family who values quality childcare. With a background in infant and primary school care, I offer a warm, nurturing, and educational environment for your little ones. In addition to providing attentive childcare, I am skilled in housekeeping and meal preparation, ensuring that your home is a clean and organized space for your family to thrive. My hourly rate is $18.00, and I am open to both full-time and part-time opportunities. If you're in search of a dedicated caregiver who will prioritize your child's well-being and development while also assisting with household tasks, I invite you to send me a message. I would love to connect with families who are seeking a reliable and nurturing nanny to become a valued member of their home. Let's make a positive impact on your family's daily life together!
Hello there! My name is Maria Visitacion, and I am a dedicated nanny with a passion for providing exceptional care for infants and primary school-age children. I am currently seeking a full-time live-in position with a wonderful family in the Newmarket, Ontario area. With extensive experience in childcare and housekeeping, I am confident in my ability to create a nurturing and secure environment for your little ones. My daily routine revolves around ensuring the safety and well-being of the children under my care, while also maintaining a clean and organized household. In terms of my services, I charge $20.0 hourly and am committed to delivering top-notch childcare and housekeeping support. Whether it's preparing nutritious meals, engaging in educational activities, or tidying up the living space, I am dedicated to making a positive impact on your family life. If you are in search of a reliable and caring nanny who can bring warmth and joy to your home, please feel free to message me. I am looking forward to the opportunity to become a valued member of your family and provide the support you need.
Amanda J
Amanda J
As a developmental service worker and social service worker, I bring a unique blend of skills and experiences to the table. In my role as a developmental service worker, I help individuals with disabilities or other challenges reach their full potential by providing them with the tools and support they need to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. This may involve working one-on-one with clients to develop individualized plans for personal growth, providing instruction in various skills areas, or advocating on their behalf to ensure they have access to necessary resources. In my capacity as a social service worker, I focus on addressing the broader social needs of individuals and communities. This may involve working with families to improve their living conditions, connecting people with essential services like healthcare and housing, or providing counseling and therapy to help individuals cope with various challenges. Both roles require strong communication skills, empathy, and a deep understanding of human development and social issues. I am particularly well-suited for these roles due to my education and experience. Additionally, I have several years of experience working in both developmental and social services settings, allowing me to bring real-world knowledge and expertise to my work.

Factors That Impact Your Nanny's Rate

Firstly, let's start by talking about the things that directly impact the hourly rate set by a nanny. Understanding how much you'll be paying a nanny largely depends on several key factors.


Where you live plays an enormous role in how much a nanny will cost and is one of the largest factors. If you're residing in high cost of living areas like New York City, or Los Angeles, be ready to budget a bit more than if you lived in a smaller, less expensive city or town.


Nannies with more years of experience or relevant education backing them tend to command higher rates. A seasoned nanny will likely charge a higher wage because of their experience and childcare skills.

Number of Children

This is often one of the first things a nanny will ask in the interview process, and rightly so. The more kids you need care for, the more work it is for the nanny and the higher they'll charge. Every nanny has their own way of factoring this in, so it's not quite as simple as taking the hourly wage and multiplying it by the number of children you have.

Duties and Responsibilities

Many families that choose to hire nannies oftentimes need help in areas other than childcare. Responsibilities like light housekeeping and cooking are pretty common from our experience. That being said, additional responsibilities typically lead to additional costs.

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Factors That Impact Your Costs

Aside from the nanny's hourly rate, other factors will impact your overall costs. We've categorized these as costs that come with hiring a nanny but aren't a huge part of how they set their hourly rate.

Hours and Schedule

Just like with a traditional office job, the hours worked per week is the biggest part of overall pay. But unlike a traditional nine-to-five, nanny schedules can vary from week to week depending on the needs of the family. We recommend both you and your nanny track worked hours to keep things humming smoothly.

Daily Activities

If you'd like your nanny to take the kids on outings, to lessons or clubs, remember to factor in these extra costs. Entry fees and transport costs can add up!


As an employer, you'll be required to pay employment taxes. Be sure to consult with a tax professional to understand all the obligations. Need some more help? We've partnered with Canada's leading domestic payroll provider, HeartPayroll, to provide a seamless transition between finding, hiring, and paying your nanny.

Benefits, Perks, and Bonuses

Providing your nanny with vacation days, health insurance, allowances, and other benefits may increase your total costs. These additions also help keep your job competitive in cities with higher nanny demand. However, some of these things, like additional vacation days, may be able to be offered in exchange for a lower hourly rate.

Other Costs You Might Not Have Thought Of

There are a few sometimes overlooked costs that come with hiring a nanny.

Background Check

Ensuring the safety of your child is paramount. A thorough background check is advisable for any potential nanny, although it comes with a cost.

Finding a Nanny

Using a nanny agency or an online service can save you time, but will also be an added expense. Nonetheless, the peace of mind you get knowing you've hired a qualified professional may be worth it.


Many families may choose to require their nanny to obtain certain certifications as part of the interview process which are typically reimbursed by the family upon hiring. These include certifications such as CPR and First Aid, Water-safety and age-specific courses (like Newborn Care).

Now that you have detailed insights into the costs associated with hiring a nanny, you're better equipped to make an informed decision. Be sure to maintain open and honest communication with potential nannies about compensation and expectations around duties and responsibilities. Remember, while it's necessary to manage your finances responsibly, the safety, happiness, and well-being of your children is the foremost priority!