Why Parents Who Work from Home Should Consider a Nanny

July 4, 2016

After several years of planning, countless hours working during the evening and the weekends, you’ve decided to take the plunge and work for yourself! You’ve taken the time to invest in new furniture and equipment for your new home office. You have plenty of clients and projects on your table. You are going to save on daycare costs and be able keep an eye on your children. Everything is fine until you actually start working.

Your first day working from home isn’t what you envisioned. Your toddlers demand constant attention, your dog manages to make a mess in the kitchen, you’re interrupted by a neighbor and before you know it, half the day is gone. After the several days like this, you realize that working from home deprives you of time that you had when you worked in the office. You’re frustrated, but a friend suggests hiring a nanny. You hesitate, thinking that hiring help for your home is something that only the wealthy can afford.

You think to yourself

“Should I consider hiring a nanny even though I’m working from home? Can I afford help at home?”

Believe it or not, this scenario isn’t uncommon. Parents who work at home have less time for themselves and in many instances have a hard time concentrating. In this article, we’ll take a look at some reasons why you should consider hiring a nanny or sitter even if you work from home.


In the New York Times article, The Messy Side of Working from Home, author Lisa Belkin mentions that while working at home has its benefits, there are also a number of problems. She mentioned constant interruptions from her children who sought her attention and in other instances, she found herself concerned about their welfare. She was distracted by their noise and then concerned when they were too quiet. She realized that she got more done in the office or working from a coffee shop.

Setting Boundaries

Hiring a nanny is a great way to set a boundary for your home work environment. A nanny will keep an eye on the children and take care of other responsibilities in the home, allowing you to focus on business. Working at home shouldn’t send any mixed messages to your family. Yes, you’re at home, but you are working!

Noise Management

A nanny can also address an issue that many parents fail to consider when considering working from home — noise management! Imagine an important conference call being interrupted by your barking dog or screaming kids.

The Forbes.com article, The 10 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Working From Homementions that it takes a considerable amount of time to adjust to the noise associated with a home office. A nanny can prevent embarrassing interruptions from your children, pets, salespeople and neighbors while you’re conducting business on the phone or perhaps a video conference.

Is It Worth It?

This does not need to be a full-time commitment. If you work from home and hire a nanny you may only need part-time help. In many instances, paying a part time nanny is less expensive than childcare services. Not to mention the additional revenue or opportunities you may be able to generate when you can devote all your attention to your business.

And don’t forget, in Canada a portion of your nanny costs are tax deductible. Look into a nanny payroll and tax service for an affordable way to have an expert handle all the paperwork.

Overall, a nanny is a practical investment. Your nanny’s priority is the welfare and care of your children, allowing you to focus on and make the most of your home office or home based business.

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