Nutrition Month - Tasty Family Meal Idea

March 26, 2015

Wrapping up nutrition month, we’d like to direct you once again to our Pinterest board - [](\) , where we’ve pinned lots of healthy meal ideas for the whole family to enjoy!


My favourite recipe we found this month was the simple Greek Quinoa Dinner Omelet with Feta and Tsatziki!  This is an awesome family friendly meal;  It meets the needs of the vegetarian family, and many of the ingredients are easy to substitute or leave out for the more picky eaters.  Plus having breakfast for dinner is a fun concept the little ones can enjoy!


Follow the recipe at [](\).   We think the serving sizes are underestimated, and you could make 3 omelettes with this recipe (as opposed to two).  If you are cooking for four or more people, try using 8 eggs instead of 6 and using a large skillet or a griddle to make one giant omelet that can be cut into portions and served.  Leave some feedback if you have more family meal ideas to share!

See 10 tips for better meal planning at [](\) for help personalising a meal plan for your own family!

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