Infant and Toddler Hydration

July 9, 2015


During the hot days of summer it is important for caregivers ensure that infants and toddlers are well hydrated. Here are some reasons a child may become dehydrated:

  • The child is already ill with Diarrhea, vomiting or fever.
  • The infant or toddler is refusing to drink due to teething, sore throat or cold
  • Overheated-this maybe due to the weather or due too much clothing.


Signs of dehydration:

  • sunken forehead
  • sunken eyes
  • tearless crying
  • dark urine
  • drowsiness
  • a change in breathing


How can I treat it?

  • Inform the parent right away.
  • Liquids! Liquids and more liquids! Try not to give fruit juices or soda drinks due to the diarrhea they may cause.
  • If it is warm outside keep the baby in a cool place in the home.
  • Offer the child an oral rehydration solution. These come in a liquid or as popsicles.
  • If the child is not responding please contact the doctor and parent right away

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