Top Nanny Holiday Gifts

December 14, 2015

Your nanny is a VIP in your family's life. The holidays are a great opportunity to show her how much you appreciate her in your lives. Here are 10 gift ideas for your nanny:

  1. Spa day - every woman's favorite gift.
  2. A surprise day off! Nannies work very hard. Giving an employee a surprise day off is always appreciated. Your nanny is no exception.
  3. A cash bonus, or better yet, a raise.
  4. A makeover - a pre-planned makeup and fashion consultation is something most women never treat themselves to. After a makeover day, your nanny will feel like a refreshed new woman!
  5. Tickets to a musical, concert, or sporting event.
  6. Help paying for a flight home. Many nannies are originally from other countries. There is no better way to tell your nanny that you care than to help send them home to visit their loved ones. 
  7. An outfit picked out by the children. Having the children involved in the purchase of a gift will mean more to your nanny than just receiving the gift. And the kids will love it too!
  8. Personal trainer sessions - January is often goal time for fitness. Nannies often stay indoors during the winter months so encouraging them to get out and get active will have positive results for your nanny and children. 
  9. The book she's been meaning to read, or a gift card for her favorite book store.
  10. A travel coffee mug. You can choose to create a personalized one with photos and small drawings from the children, or get her one in her favorite colour.

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