Geocaching - High Tech Family Fun

May 4, 2009

Want to take your family walks to a new level? How about getting out with the kids more to enjoy the nice weather of spring? We have found a great activity that we think families across Canada will love!

The activity is called Geocaching, and it’s a high-tech treasure hunt that brings families together. By using a handheld GPS device, you can enter coordinates into it and it will lead you to a hidden treasure. Once you find the treasure, you take a treasure and leave on in return, singing your name and the date in the logbook before returning it safely to its home for the next family to find.

The treasures are hidden by other people who like geocaching, “geocachers”, and post the coordinates and details online at Before you head out, you can logon to the website and download the information for caches (treasures) that are hidden in the area you’re in. Then, you’re ready to hunt!

Parks and trails around the world have caches hidden in them. So the next time you want to go to the park, or want to explore a new area with the family, grab the GPS and go for a hunt. It’s great for family bonding, as you search around together, and so rewarding once you've made the find. Your account on tracks how many you've found, and you can leave a note for the owner with your story.

There’s always an adventure to be had while geocaching!  You can explore a new area, try to find as many as you can in a day, or use it to break up a long trip. Take a look at I’ll bet there’s one so close and you never even knew it was there! There's over 62,000 hidden across Canada!

Have you heard of Geocaching before? What's your funniest/craziest/wackiest/favourite story? Share it here!

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