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After School Care? Part-Time Care?

by Martha Scully

If you're looking for part-time care, which is common in the back-to-school season, consider a nanny share arragement!

This is a free service to members on our site. Nanny sharing is when:

  • You have a full time nanny that you want to go part time
  • You are only need a nanny part time and are looking to share or hire a nanny with someone else.
  • You’re a shift worker and require a nanny for odd times…nanny sharing may help.

If you are a member and have interest in nanny sharing send us your ad to [email protected] and we will post free of charge.


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Martha Scully
Martha is the founder of Martha has been featured as a Child Care Expert in hundreds of publications across Canada including The Globe and Mail, CBC, Today's Parent and The National Post, She lives in British Columbia with her husband and two daughters.