Working with my Husband…10 years later!

March 22, 2012

My husband has his degree in Business and Computers, with experience to back that up. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education. Although the concept of the business was my idea, I'm certain it would have never left the ground without him. We have been lucky enough to grow the business together enough that it supports a job for each of us.

So, how do we make it work? Well, first of all we have completely different roles in the business. We consult one another on decisions, but we are in charge of very different tasks. Secondly, it can be challenging to see each other all the time, so we have separate offices to work in, giving us the chance to work independently. We also travel to the office separately, allowing us to have the freedom to come and go as needed, without relying on the other for transportation. We've also been known to take separate vacations, either with or without the kids! Finally, we rarely discuss the children at work, and try to avoid talking about the business when we're at home as a family.

Overall, we respect each other's roles and opinions at the office, just like with any co-worker. Don't get me wrong - we do argue, but we try to keep it professional when we're around our staff. At the end of the day, I feel very lucky to be able to work with someone that I trust so deeply.

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