What I want for Mothers Day

May 5, 2009

This is the one great day that us mom’s get to be pampered by the family we love. I love how excited the kids get about giving gifts to me on this special day. This year I am hoping not to get the traditional gifts that us mothers usually get on mothers day. You know the gifts that I am talking about i.e potted plant, dinner out, spa package.

My perfect mother’s day would be the following:

From Mike, my husband, I would love a day of work around the house.. I am happy to make up a list of all the little things that need to be done. The first thing would be to finally get that closet organizer in the master bedroom. You know the one that has been in the garage for over a year. Cleaning out the garage would be great too. Cleaning the windows would make my year. If you could do all that with joy and happiness that would be even more special.

Now for my daughters. Wake up, make your bed clean your rooms without being asked. Eat your breakfast and put your dishes in the dishwasher. After all that is done snuggle with me on the coach, telling what a wonderful mom I am.

Then if my husband and daughters could work together and make a picnic lunch. We could take that lunch to our favourite spot and enjoy each other's company.

That would be the best Mother’s day! What about you want do you want for Mother’s day? Or what are you giving your mother?

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