Time for Giving - Part 2

November 25, 2008

After winning the Mom Entrepreneur Of The Year Award, I made a personal commitment to myself; to make a difference in the community that I love - Nanaimo. It has always been a dream of mine to run a breakfast program in a local elementary school to help out deserving children that aren't able to eat breakfast before school, or bring a lunch.

Recently, I contacted the Nanaimo School Board and asked if they have a program of this type in place. I learned that 3 schools in my area were in great need of donations to run the program. To think that there were children at those schools who had not eaten breakfast and had no lunch each day! These kids are embarrassed that they have to have other kids share their lunches with them; some would even steal food from their classmates. Not starting with a healthy breakfast and skipping lunch can cause behaviour problems, which affects all the children in the class.

Did you know...? __An alarming 31% of elementary and 62% of secondary children in Canada do not start their day with a nutritious breakfast!

My husband and I emailed everyone that we know in our community, asking for help to start a breakfast program at these schools. The response has been amazing! In total, we have raised over $3000 which will feed 20 children in need at all of these schools for the rest of the year. Foods for all food groups will be supplied to the children and they will learn how to prepare a healthy meal and to clean up after themselves. I cannot explain in words how great this has felt.

Thank-you to the parents in Nanaimo that supported us and the children at these schools.

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