I have a SECRET to share!

November 20, 2012

Shhhhhhh! I have a secret to share with all the mom entrepreneurs out there! I'm going to tell you how I won the 2008 SavvyMom Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

Winning in 2008 was a wonderful and rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend any Canadian woman in business to go for this award. It's easy to nominate yourself for The MomPreneur Award of Excellence 2013!

Up until now, I have kept it a secret of how I won, but now I'm spilling the beans! Here's what I did, and you can too!

  • Write a brief email and send to all your friends and family; tell them it'll only take a minute to vote for you (because it's true!). I said that the competition would be tough, so I would appreciate it if they sent it to anyone in their contact list too. This was so successful, a friend of mine received the email from  3 people in less than a day!
  • Contact your clients, telling them briefly about the contest (and sending them the link to the contest page) and how it will help you grow your business and help them in turn. Again, emphasize it'll take less than a minute to vote.
  • Post a link to your nominee page on all of your social media networks regularly. I posted mine about once a week or so... I didn't want to spam them!
  • Contact your local Chamber of Commerce, stating that you are a member and asking if they could send it out.
  • Provide an eye-catching image/logo for your business on the award website

Winning took time and planning, but it was SO worth it! The value in recognition and the benefit we experienced after winning was priceless!

I hope that helps anyone wanting to enter the contest. Good luck to all who are nominated!

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