Should I Give My Nanny a Christmas Bonus or Christmas Gift?

December 9, 2016

Your nanny is an integral member of your household. While you’re at work, they take on the task of educating and caring for your children. Some nannies also tackle light housework, prepare meals and generally act as the glue that keeps your household running smoothly. If you like your current nanny and don’t want to deal with a revolving door of replacements, you need to show appreciation. But how do you do that? We get a lot of questions about bonuses versus gifts and what you should be doing for a nanny. The answer is pretty simple.

Cash gifts are always welcome

Around the holidays, many employers hand out bonuses and gifts, and so should you. Remember, as relaxed and casual as the atmosphere is, your nanny is still an employee. When they walk through the door to your home, they’re entering their workplace. A cash bonus is standard in the industry, so unless you are concerned about your nanny’s on-the-job performance, you should definitely budget for a Christmas bonus.

But what about the kids?

You’ve given your nanny a generous cash gift, but that may not satisfy the children. Children often have trouble seeing cash as a real gift, so it might be a good idea to do a combined gift – cash from you and a present from the kids.

8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Nanny

Here are a few gift ideas that will put a smile on your nanny’s face:

1. Relaxation packages

A day at the spa or time in a massage parlor are excellent ideas. Your nanny works even longer hours than you do and could probably use some time to decompress, minus the children.

2. Paid time off

You might already offer paid sick time and vacation days, but a surprise day off with pay is always a nice gift. Your kids might not appreciate it as much, but your nanny certainly will!

3. Pictures and portraits

You love seeing pics of the children on your desk at work, and your nanny will likely appreciate some nice pictures of her and the children. It will give her a memory for the future as the children grow up.

4. A night on the town

Find out what your nanny enjoys and treat her to a night out. Tickets to a musical, concert, game or other show will make her night. Especially if you also include a makeover so she is red carpet ready.

5. Airline tickets

Many nannies travel with their employers, meaning their own family is a long way away. A round-trip airline ticket might be one of the most thoughtful things you can do for a nanny that doesn’t have any local family.

6. Let the children choose

A nice outfit selected by the children will help your nanny look and feel great, and at the same time, it lets the kids feel excited and engaged.

7. Fitness and fun

A few sessions with a personal trainer or a gym membership can be a nice gift for any nanny. During the winter, many caregivers spend a lot of time inside and might miss the chance to get up and be active.

8. Personalized stuff

Have the kids draw a picture and print it on a travel mug or coffee cup. Or, you could go for a personalized messenger bag in a favorite color. Give your nanny something that combines practicality and thoughtfulness. She’ll think of the kids fondly every time she uses it.

Show Your Nanny How Much You and the Kids Appreciate Her!

There is no one gift that is perfect for every nanny. A bonus is fairly typical, and gift certificates are almost never a bad idea, but you may also want something a bit more personal. Your kids should have the same opportunity to say thank you to an adult that has a very important part in their lives. Whether you take the kids shopping to pick out a special piece of jewelry or plan a day of epic crafts for a DIY present, the point is to make sure your nanny knows you appreciate all she does for you and the kids.

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