Best and Worst Cities to Find a Nanny

July 26, 2017

Thinking of hiring a nanny? Perhaps you’re already knee-deep in the process. Hiring a nanny comes with many benefits, like close supervision and scheduling flexibility. It turns out the search for your very own Mary Poppins may be easier to accomplish in some cities than others. We’ve done the research and present to you the best and worst places in Canada to find a nanny!

Based on a number of factors, such as the number of nannies available and families seeking in each given city, as well as hourly rates, the team at had some interesting findings relating to the child care industry. Are the results surprising to you?

Best Cities to Look for a Nanny

(Along with the average hourly rate for a nanny)

  1. Montreal - $14.55
  2. St. Catharines - $12.00
  3. Peterborough - $11.40
  4. St. John's - $14.00
  5. Fredericton - $16.00
  6. Nanaimo - $11.00
  7. North Bay - $12.00
  8. Kamloops - $11.00
  9. Winnipeg - $12.43
  10. Halifax - $13.43

These cities tend to have more nannies searching for a job than families looking for a nanny. This can be due to a number of reasons. In Montreal, for example, the cost of daycare is extremely low - sometimes under $200 per month! This means that many families are opting for cheaper daycares instead of employing a nanny. Some areas also have many students or young people, which increases the nanny to family ratio.

Either way, the situation is ideal if you are looking for a nanny in any of these cities! You have your pick between many candidates and skill sets. Your search process will most likely be quick, which can be very helpful if you’re looking for someone on short notice.

Worst Cities to Look for a Nanny

(Along with the average hourly rate for a nanny)

  1. Unionville - $11.40
  2. King City - $11.40
  3. Saanich - $10.85
  4. Woodbridge - $11.40
  5. Richmond Hill - $13.94
  6. West Vancouver - $10.85
  7. Stouffville - $11.40
  8. Baden - $11.40
  9. Thornhill - $11.40
  10. Vaughan - $11.96

These cities make it difficult to find a nanny because there is a smaller pool of qualified nannies available compared to the number of families looking. The good news is that if you do live in one of these cities, has new nannies signing up everyday to help you with your search. If you live on the border between two areas be sure to search in both areas to expand your range!

Families in these areas looking for a nanny can’t afford to be too picky and may have to compromise on rate and hours. Some of these areas are of higher socio-economic income, which tend to have more families seeking childcare and fewer nannies willing and able to perform the task.

Families in bigger cities benefit from having a larger number of sitters and childcare providers to choose from. If you’re a family or nanny in Toronto or Calgary, you can expect to find a good match just based on the sheer number of people available. Lucky you!

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