How to Make 4 Holiday Kids Crafts (That are Actually Useful)

December 22, 2016

The holiday season is great for spending time together and celebrating all the wonders of the season. The cold weather and winds make the perfect excuse to stay inside and do some holiday crafts! However, your child may create multiple masterpieces, which then leaves you with this dilemma: how can you put them to good use? Below are four crafts that you will actually use and want to show off in your home.

1. Snowflake Canvas

Perhaps the easiest craft – ever! This craft makes a great pairing with a decorated tree or over a mantle or a fabulous gift for family and friends. If you have more than one child, consider hanging the canvases on their bedroom doors or side by side on a wall as a great conversation piece.

What you’ll need:
  • Canvas, any size
  • Masking tape
  • Acrylic paint and large paintbrushes – In terms of colour, we chose blues, but any colours will work!

snowflake kids craft

To make this masterpiece, simply use the masking tape to make a snowflake shape (use your imagination – remember, no two snowflakes are alike). From there, you can let the kids go to town with their paint. After the paint dries, peel back the tape to reveal the snowflake!

Tip: this can also work with a tree, snowman or any holiday or winter shape. You can also get creative and try it out for Halloween, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, etc. Just change up the shape to a pumpkin, an egg, a four-leaf clover, etc. The possibilities are endless!

2. Holiday Cards

We all have that list of people that we send holiday cards to: family, friends, neighbours, teachers, etc. Instead of using standard, store-bought cards, why not have your child make them? Handmade cards add a wonderful touch – especially during the holiday season. There are plenty of card ideas on the web, but here are our favourites:

Button wreath

Glue old buttons (or buy some at a local craft or sewing store) to some cardstock in the shape of a wreath, add a star, a ribbon and some glitter and you’re good to go!

Paint chip trees

Pick up some paint chip samples (they’re free!) at a local hardware store, cut them into different sized triangles and glue onto cardstock. You can even add glitter and stars at the top for an added touch!

Thumbprint reindeers

Use brown acrylic paint to make thumbprints on cardstock. After it dries, decorate with googly eyes (or white and black paint), draw on antlers with a marker and even add a red rhinestone for Rudolph!

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3. Christmas Tree Ornaments

You may think this is a given, but many people often overlook ornaments because they have too many or prefer to use store-bought ones instead. However, a few handmade ornaments on a tree can make sure that it’s unique! Handmade ornaments can also make excellent gifts for almost everyone on your list! Here’s a few to try:

Handprint snowmen

Use a coloured ball ornament to make a white handprint (place the ornament in your child’s palm and have them close their hand). Once the paint dries, decorate the fingers as snowmen.

Candy cane reindeer

Use a candy cane (any flavor will do) and glue eyes and a nose (a black, brown or red piece of felt works great) onto the hook, facing out. Then use a pipe-cleaner (we like the glitter ones) to make the antlers. No hook needed – just hang the candy cane on your tree (and eat it after Christmas, if you’d like!).

Tea light snowman

With an electric tea light (you can purchase these at the dollar store), a black sharpie and some felt, you can make an adorable snowman ornament!

Use the “flame” as the snowman’s nose, draw on the eyes and mouth with a sharpie and add a felt hat and pipe if you’d like. Use some hot glue and ribbon to make a hook for hanging on the tree and turn on the switch to light it up!

4. Snow Globes

Snow globes have been a holiday staple for as long as you can remember. But finding one that speaks to you (or your child) can be challenging and pricey. Did you know you can make your own snow globes with objects found around the house and a quick trip to a craft store?

What you’ll need:
  • Mason jar (gold spray paint for the lid is optional)
  • Fake snow
  • Small white cotton balls
  • Holiday figurines
  • Needles
  • Fishing line
  • Tape
  • Hot glue gun

DIY Kids Craft Christmas Mason Jar SnowGlobe

For this snowglobe, you’ll need to start by spray painting the lid gold (or any colour you’d like). From there, thread the fishing line through the cotton balls, tying a knot after each one. When the lid is dry, tape the fishing lines in place. Next you’ll want to use a hot glue gun to secure your figurines to the bottom of the jar, add your fake snow, put on the lid and you’re ready to go. These easy-to-make snow globes allow for lots of creativity, look great and make for great gifts for almost anyone!

Are You Ready to Embrace Your Inner Artist?

The holiday season can bring out the artist in all of us, so embrace it. Plan a day and head to the craft store, make some hot chocolate and snacks and let their imaginations run wild!

What’s Your Favourite Holiday Craft?

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