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July 7, 2014

When making the decision to hire a nanny for your home, whether it's for full-time or part-time care, there is a lot to do and it can see overwhelming to some. Especially if you're busy and that's why you need to find care, but how are you going to find the time? We have an 8-step method to follow when hiring a nanny to make the process a little less daunting.

A few years ago we posted a "How-to Hire a Nanny" series, which is still one of our most popular. Here's a summary of the steps; you can click on any step to be taken straight to the full explanation.

[Step 1 - Post a Job]( 1)

Describe what you're looking for and post it online for nannies to see. They will then be able to apply to you directly. You can also search for nannies in your area and we recommend you contact anyone you're interested in.

[Step 2 - Search for Nannies]( 2)

We have hundreds of nannies available across the country! Search by city or postal code to see everyone close by, or use the Advanced Search (available to members only) to filter the results to what you're looking for.

[Step 3 - Pick your Favourites]( 3)

As you peruse the applications you get, and look at profiles in your area, you can save the ones that stand out to your favourites, making it easy to find later. You can add notes to them too!

[Step 4 - Phone Interviews]( 4)

Having a quick phone conversation with someone can help you gauge if they might be a match for you or not. Eliminate some of your favourites through phone conversations, and allow yourself to focus on the real gems.

[Step 5 - Face-to-Face Interviews]( 5)

Taking the time to meet with the top three or five nannies will help you to connect with the nanny, and ask questions and provide her with information about the position. Make this just about you and the nanny - no kids yet.

[Step 6 - Check References]( 5)

By now, you'll have a good idea of who to hire. Take the time to contact previous employers for a reference to make sure the nanny's stories line up. It's a big red flag if the nanny is unwilling to provide you with references.

[Step 7 - Check Criminal Record Check]( 7)

This is standard procedure when hiring someone to care for children, so it won't be a surprising question to most nannies. We can help you with this if you need; see the Screening Serviceswe offer.

[Step 8 - Do a Trial Run]( 8)

To get a sense of how the nanny interacts with your child/children, have them over for a trial day. A paid day for the nanny so everyone can get a feel for one another before an official offer of employment is made.

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