Exciting Announcement from Martha Scully

September 8, 2015

I am excited to announce that my baby, CanadianNanny.ca, has a new Dad! John Philip Green and his CareGuide team have acquired and joined together with CanadianNanny.ca, our 14 year old online nanny and caregiver matching service, to become Canada’s largest online caregiver resource.

John Philip Green is considered one of Canada’s top tech executives. He has been a leading force in the online childcare space in Canada and US with Sitter.com and his other CareGuide sites. I was flattered to learn that John has been a member of CanadianNanny.ca for many years, hiring both of his nannies for his two young children through the site.

John and I share the same long term vision for CanadianNanny.ca: providing Canadians with the best economical pricing to find that very important caregiver for their children. Keeping up with advancements in technology has been the hardest part of running CanadianNanny.ca, and that is a huge strength of CareGuide. The future holds many improvements to the site in terms of new features, advancements in infrastructure, and improved communication with our clients. As General Manager, I am excited to expand our parent service for CanadianNanny.ca members, and our popular Nanny Payroll Service.

Our members will still receive our amazing customer service and the strong technical team at CareGuide will advance CanadianNanny.ca into a technological masterpiece. Best of all, our current and future customers will benefit from this merger and the advancement of our new world-class technology.

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