Being Hired - How you can be the ONE!

October 19, 2011

We're always here to help all of our members, both jobseekers and families. In our blog we usually focus our "how-to" entries on familes, but this one is for jobseekers! We often get questions from jobseekers asking how to effectively search for work using Here are some tips to put you ahead of the competition.

  1. Include lots of detail in your online profile. Families spend a lot of time reading each profile and if yours doesn't stand out, they'll pass by you. Take your time and make sure you stand out! The "Other Information" box is the first thing they see, so be personable.
  2. Have a picture of YOU on your profile. Jobseekers with pictures are 10 TIMES more likely to be viewed by families 1.
  3. Make sure your profile is up-to-date , the date you're available to start is correct and that your availability calendar shows the times you are available. Families pay attention to this, and you may be overlooked if it's outdated!
  4. When you see a job you're interested in, send them a personal message telling them why you're the one to pick. They're waiting to hear from you!
  5. Respond to messages from families promptly, ideally within 24-hours.
  6. When you are looking at a job, evaluate all aspects of it before applying. Are you willing to travel that far or is it close to your home? Are you willing to work the hours they need? Are you willing to do the duties that are listed? You need to make sure that it's going to work if you're selected before you even apply and/or go for an interview with the family.
  7. When you have an interview SHOW UP and BE ON TIME! First impressions are important, and this shows how reliable and trustworthy you are.
  8. Always bring a copy of your profile, your resume, and your references to an interview. It is also helpful to bring a copy of your First Aid certification, a copy of your current criminal recrod check if you have one, and any other certificates you have.
  9. Be professional. Speak positively about the children and families that you have worked with in the past, and speak only briefly about personal matters. Be sure to ask questions related to the job offered, especially about the children or adults you're caring for.
  10. After the interview, follow up with them by email or phone thanking them for their time, stating if you have any other questions and your level of interest in the job.

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