Safe Kids Week 2014 - Swimming Safety
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Safe Kids Week 2014 - Swimming Safety

by Martha Scully

Parachute is a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives. Each June, they dedicate a week as SAFE KIDS WEEK and the theme for 2014 is Safe Swimming. Safe Splashing. Safe Kids.

With rising temperatures, kids want to be near water to play and keep cool. So, it is the responsibility of parents and caregivers alike to ensure they are safe in, on, and around the water. Parachute wants to remind Canadians to help prevent drowning with S.P.L.A.S.H.E.S.!

SUPERVISION - Watch children around the water at all times

PROTECTION - Get trained and wear sun protection

LIFEJACKETS/PFDs - Wear your lifejacket

AWARENESS - Check it out before you go


HELP - Learn when and how to get help

EDUCATION - Learn how to be safe and teach your children

SECURITY - Secure your pool - no matter what size

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Martha Scully
Martha is the founder of Martha has been featured as a Child Care Expert in hundreds of publications across Canada including The Globe and Mail, CBC, Today's Parent and The National Post, She lives in British Columbia with her husband and two daughters.