Nanny Sharing in Canada

Nanny Sharing in Canada

by Martha Scully

In response to Sara, who commented on the Recession and Nannies in Canada blog, here is some information on Nanny Sharing in Canada.

Families will choose to nanny share with their neighbours, friends or with families they have met through local community programs. You may choose to place an ad in a community newspaper for another family who might be looking for a nanny share situation. If you decide to use the newspaper you will want to interview the families and the nannies.

A nanny share can be very beneficial to your child, as it will also provide a regular playmate for your child. It will also cut the costs for you by nearly half. The share can operate on a week here, week there basis, monthly, or at one home at all times. This would be decided between the two families and you will want the nanny’s feedback on what she feels comfortable with. To make the nanny share a successful experience, you must be able to compromise so that both families feel they are getting an equal deal. Both sides must listen to each other for it to be a success. You must avoid situations where the nanny may feel like she is being pulled in two different directions. With most nanny positions the nanny is responsible for the children's washing and ironing, and cleaning duties. In a nanny share situation this may be difficult to arrange.

On, there is a feature available to registered parents to search for a nanny share situation. Registered parents can post an ad to other parents in search of a family who has a nanny and wants to share, or in search of a family to share their family with. For example, Angela was looking for a part-time nanny and wanted to share a nanny with another family in order to lower the cost, give her son some time at home, and make a new friend and go to his/her house sometimes. Sherry was looking for a nanny share because she works shift work, and was finding it difficult to find a nanny. Shannon had a nanny and wanted to offer her out to share with another family.

Nanny sharing is attractive for many reasons, and many families find that it suits their needs.Nanny sharing is great for nannies as well. By working for two families, the nanny is able to have a full-time workload, even if each individual family is unable to provide them with more than part-time. Depending on the arrangements made between the families and the nanny, a nanny may find that the amount of money he/she makes is more than if she was working for one family. As an added bonus, if two families require care at the same time, the children can play with each other alone or together with the nanny.

If you have any questions about nanny sharing that haven’t been answered yet, leave a comment and we’ll be sure to respond. Also, if you want to see us blog on something that we haven’t yet, please leave a comment and we’ll look into it! Thanks!

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