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Nanny Petty Cash

by Martha Scully

Yesterday, we got the following complaint from a Vancouver nanny:

This summer, I seem to be spending a lot of my own money on the children I care for. As soon as we go somewhere, they are begging me to buy them something - ice cream, popsicle, toys. I just can't seem to say no, but I'm starting to feel resentful that my job is costing me money.

When you are out and about with the children under your care, you may be tempted to buy them small treats or toys. Perhaps its just ice cream, you can each have one! Or maybe it's a small toy at the fair they really want. The reality is, you shouldn't be shelling out your own money on the children.

We recommend that you first discuss this with the parents. Are the children asking because their parents do not approve? If so, you and the parent should discuss this directly with the children to lay out the rules. If the parent is ok with small treats, there should be a petty cash system in place that you can use. Either you take money out of the petty cash fund for the days' activities, or you keep all receipts and the parents reimburse you afterwards.

Do you have any other suggestions for this nanny?

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