Nanny Interview Tips
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Nanny Interview Tips

by Martha Scully

August is always the busiest time of year for as many parents are looking for nannies. To help you with this, we would like to provide you with some Nanny Interview tips. Here are some warning signs to watch for when interviewing nannies:

  • Lack of professionalism: arrives late or is a no-show, talks negatively about a previous employer, listening skills, attention span (answering her cell phone during meeting?), uses slang or poor grammar, or has poor personal hygiene or an unkempt appearance
  • Questionable trustworthiness/honesty/integrity: refuses in-home interview, no eye contact, refuses to do a background check, unable/unwilling to provide references, refuses to provide SIN or other vital information
  • Doubtful interest in children: does she ask questions about the children she’ll be caring for, does she show enthusiasm for children, is she mainly concerned with salary, if your child is present, does she take the time to meet him?
  • Indicators of Poor Emotional Stability/Self-worth: work history contains large gaps or frequent job changes, moves frequently with no apparent reason, talks a great deal about personal issues, talks negatively about herself

As a parent, you can trust your gut instinct on the person you’re hiring. However, these will help you in the interview process as obvious red flags when spotted. If you have any questions about interviewing, please call us at 1-866-221-7918.

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