Live-in Nanny - Winter Blues?
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Live-in Nanny - Winter Blues?

by Martha Scully

This year, especially on the east coast of Canada, the weather has been particularly challenging for live-in nannies, making them feel isolated. We heard from a live-in nanny the other day who said she hasn't been outside in weeks because of the ice storm in Ontario. She is a nanny from the Philippines and just cannot stand the cold weather! Needless to say, she is suffering from a serious case of cabin fever!

If you're a nanny or stay at home mom in the same situation, here are some ideas to mix it up:

  • Connect with other caregivers: there are lots of nanny meet-up groups in cities across Canada. Chances are, you're not the only one feeling this way and meeting new people can help.
  • Bundle up: it's cold, but even if you're outside for only 10 minutes a day, you can feel better. Plan a quick walk or activity for the kids and just go for it; hot chocolate will warm you up when you come back in!
  • Do it for yourself: even if the parents don't want you to take the kids out for a bit, or the kids themselves put up too much of a stink, make time for yourself to go out when you're off the clock. Even though it's cold, the fresh air is so good for you.
  • Stay indoors: ...but keep active! If you simply cannot bear to be outside, even for a few minutes, stay active in the house. Try a new exercise video or download a yoga video off the internet. We came across a great beginners video on YouTube.

What about you? How do you stay happy in the winter?

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