Kids with Toy Guns

Kids with Toy Guns

by Martha Scully

This morning, I received a call from a babysitter in Vancouver. She was very distressed after the child she cares for received a new gift from his parents.

​The child was given a large toy gun as a gift from his parents. The babysitter now finds herself frightened, and feels kinds of silly about it. Who is scared of a toy gun? However, she originates from a war-tron country, and has personal experience with real guns threatening her life and the lives of those she loves. We understand.

Based on her background, she finds it difficult to cope with a 5 year old boy running around the house shooting at her with a toy gun, as it brings back horrible memories. She is worried about bringing it up with the parents, as it's the child's favourite toy.

I feel that she must talk to the family about this, as it makes her feel very uncomfortable. What would you do?

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Martha Scully
Martha is the founder of Martha has been featured as a Child Care Expert in hundreds of publications across Canada including The Globe and Mail, CBC, Today's Parent and The National Post, She lives in British Columbia with her husband and two daughters.