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by Martha Scully


How much do I pay my babysitter?

This is a question that we get every day at Here are some things to ponder when considering a babysitter rate.

Babysitters are different than nannies and are usually expected to do less household duties. If you are expecting more than just light meal prep and tidy-up, you should also expect to pay a babysitter more.

The lower the rate…the less the qualification. There are lots of things in life you can go cheap on…care for your children should not be one of those things! Paying a sitter more will assure quality and loyalty . A happy babysitter means happy children. Also, if you offer more, you will have more people interested in your babysitting job.

Across the country sitter rates vary. In the GTA, the average babysitter wage is $12-16 an hour. In Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, the average is $14-$17 per hour. If you have more than two children, a newborn, or a child with special needs the rate tends to be higher. Late nights or early mornings can also cost a parent more.

If you are interested in knowing the general rate in your area please email us at, or visit our Contact Us page and just ask!

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