Honey, You're in Charge of Valentine's Day!
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Honey, You're in Charge of Valentine's Day!

by Martha Scully

Between dating and being married, my husband and I have been together for about 17 Valentine's days. The first seven or eight were full of anticipation, surprise, and romance. The last ten have been a mix of last minute planning, babies/kids, and really bad gifts! 

Our goal has always been to make our kids feel special, but sometimes we miss making ourselves feel special to one another on a regular basis. But really, at this stage of our lives, for one day a year, there is no reason for gas station cards and wilted flowers (one year they were blue carnations!).

So, I have made a deal with my husband. This year, I am handling plans for Valentine's Day. I will buy him the gift, set up the babysitter, and make all the arrangements. He doesn't have to do anything. I want to make him feel very special and loved, after all these years. But, there is a "catch"...next year the  deal is reversed...he'll be in charge of the entire occasion!

A few of my friends are horrified by this; one friend said the day isn't about the individual, it's about the couple. Of course, my husband is all over this! My guess is he'll need a few gentle reminders  next year though! 

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