Dental Health - Get brushing!

Dental Health - Get brushing!

by Martha Scully

According to the Ontario Dental Association, tooth decay is the second most common cause of school absenteeism and is five times more common than asthma in children.  How can we promote the importance of dental health to our children in a way that is interesting?  

  • Once your child is around five, they are probably ready to start brushing on their own.  Brush together as a family, so you can keep an eye on them and offer to help out if you think they weren't thorough enough... and at first - they wont be.
  • Change their tooth-brush every 1 - 3 months, and bring them to the store with you to pick out their new one.  There are lots of fancy, fun designs out there for kids!
  • Get your child to practice brushing his or her dolls/ teddies teeth to make it something fun.

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About the Author
Martha Scully
Martha is the founder of Martha has been featured as a Child Care Expert in hundreds of publications across Canada including The Globe and Mail, CBC, Today's Parent and The National Post, She lives in British Columbia with her husband and two daughters.