Christmas Presents for your Nanny or Babysitter!

Christmas Presents for your Nanny or Babysitter!

by Martha Scully

Need ideas for what to give to your treasured nanny or babysitter this holiday? We have some ideas for you! We asked around, and here's what other families purchased for their caregiver:

  • Dinner at a nice restaurant - Our nanny never gets to go out with her husband! We purchased a gift certificate to our favourite restaurant, making sure it was enough for a meal for two and wine. She loved it and was able to try food she hadn't tried before.
  • A personal trainer session - My nanny always talks about how she is out of shape. I set her up and treated her to a one-hour session with a trainer at my gym. He set up a program just for her and she loved it!
  • A trip home - Our caregiver really wanted to see her family in Hong Kong. We gave her cash she can use towards that trip.
  • Gifts from the kids - We decided it was appropriate for our kids to choose a gift for their nanny. They picked out a beautiful heart necklace. They wrapped it, made a card, and presented it to her themselves. They were so proud to give it to her, and she wears it all the time!
  • Movie tickets - Our babysitter loves going to the movies! We bought her enough tickets she could enjoy the movies throughout the year.
  • Charm bracelet - We gave our nanny a Pandora bracelet; each of the kids picked out a charm for her. Since then, she's been given many other charms by friends and family to add to her collection.
  • Ninja smoothie maker - A few months ago, my babysitter told me that she broke her smoothie maker and was crushed, because she loves her smoothies. Since she couldn't replace it, we bought her a new one.
  • A facial and pedicure - Every girl's best friend!
  • Leaf Tickets - Our nanny is English and had never been to an NHL game. My husband called in a favour and got her great tickets to a Toronto Maple Leafs game - she said she feels like a true Canadian now!
  • Support her hobby - our nanny is a gardening fanatic! We bought her a beautiful yellow lily plant and some new gardening books.
  • Craft kit - we noticed that our babysitter loves doing crafts with the kids, so we bought her a card making kit. She actually brought it over and made cards with the kids one day!

If none of these strike your fancy, giving your caregiver an extra paid day off or some extra cash as a bonus is always appreciated!

What did you or are you giving your caregiver this year?

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