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Sema K

Do you need Nanny for newborns, infants and toddlers?
Toronto, Ontario
Active about 6 hours ago

Reasons to Hire Me

  • My respect and love for babies and children are endless.
  • You should hire me because I excel at Nanny' skill.
  • Being gifted child's mother has created the building block.

Nanny in Toronto, Ontario

I'm an
Dear Parents, My name is Sema. I am looking for nanny position starting date can be flexible. I am a friendly, easygoing person, who is trustworthy, patient, compassionate and loves in respect newborn, infant, toddler, and all ages children. I believe I have the skills, experience, and passion for children. I've an encouragement experiences with newborn, infants, and toddlers. I am glad to share that all my referances are totally support me including current family. To be a gifted child's mother has created the building blocks of my profile. As a happy Nanny and Happy Mother, I know and believe, when they grow up in safe and in peace they will be health, happy and successful all entire life. All babies and children need just a safe and pure lovely connection to show up their talent. Beside of the to be parent of Gifted Child Depertament’ of Istanbul University' parent more then 7 years, I completed the Early Childhood Assistant certification program with the Toronto District School Board. I have gained knowledge and practical experience with childhood behaviour and development, positive and healthy nurturing of children, and transferable skills such as organizational and communicational skills, under the regulations. My respect and love for babies and children are endless. I'm very good at comunications with them. Through my experience, I have developed confidence and skills in planning activities and educational field trips, care and promoting emotional, physical, mentally, and social development. Also besides of the meal planning, preparations and teaching personal hygiene, I'm good at eat coaching. I'm happy to be first habitat team for sleep coaching and for parent coaching. I always ensure that children are safe and learning in a comfortable environment while they are cared for holistically. I would like to meet with you to further discuss my qualifications. I can’t wait to meet you and start the next chapter in my life! I can be reached at ...********** or 647 774 .... Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let me know if you think we might be a good match! Sincerely, Sema Kaya Happy Nanny


I can work:
Live out
Long term


Ages include:
I can look after:
Number of children: 1
I have advanced experience with:

Job details

Has driver's license


I can provide:
Background check
First aid
I can speak


Responsibilities include:
Homework help
Meal prep
Pet care
Swim supervision


I have been trained as:
Early childhood educator (ECE)


Anick & Alex P

To Whom It May Concern, With the utmost praise, we would like to highly recommend Sema as a nanny for your family. We have premature twin boys who were discharged from the hospital right around their planned due date and we hired Sema as a live out nanny to help me (the mom) look after our infant sons full-time during the weekdays while my partner was working. Sema has been a fantastic addition to our family. Sema is a very dedicated and genuinely loving person, not only to our sons but to our family as a whole including our two cats. She has helped us to care for our sons along with household chores such as vacuuming, cleaning, dusting, cooking and laundry. She adapted quickly to our living situation and continues to adapt as the boys grow older and their needs change. We rapidly and quite naturally found a routine. The primary focus is caring for the children. Every time they wake up, they get changed, breastfed and then bottle fed until they are satisfied. If they are awake after they have been fed, we entertain them by signing songs, reading books, doing tummy time, etc. When they are about to go to sleep or asleep, I take the opportunity to breastpump, go to the gym or have a nap. I have complete trust in Sema to take great care of our sons during the time I'm not around. Sema is punctual, proactive, dedicated and hard working. Our relationship is based on mutual respect and communication. She always has our boys, along with my partner and my well-being at heart. She cares enough to make sure I am always well hydrated, fed and rested. She is easy to talk to and welcomes comments and constructive criticism while easily adapting to changes in the schedule. Our family is in the process of moving from Toronto to Vancouver and we can only hope our new nanny in Vancouver will be as great a fit with our family as Sema has been with us. If you would require further information regarding Sema’s employment, ask her our email address, if needed, a phone call with us could then be organized. Anick & Alex

Nicole W

We were fortunate enough to have Sema for a nanny for our daughter between the age of six to nine months. Sema was exceptional in so many ways. First, she was a deeply caring person and clearly has a wonderful way with children. Our daughter was comfortable with her despite being at an age where she was deeply attached to both of her parents. Sema was not only looking after her direct care effectively but also was proactive in working on our daughter’s development and has a deep knowledge of how to work on the development of infants. She presented a great balance between following our lead and our approach and being proactive in supporting our daughter’s development. She is also exceptionally knowledgeable about early childhood development. Sema was always engaged as a nanny but also took extra initiatives to support the whole family, including meal prep and light housekeeping whenever she had the time during naps etc. We felt entirely comfortable having our daughter in Sema’s care and would highly recommend her to any family. We would keep her as our daughter’s nanny indefinitely if we didn’t plan to transition our daughter to an early childhood school setting. We know that she will provide the same wonderful support to her next family. Please feel free to contact us by email for further information regarding Sema’s employment. If needed, Sema will initiate our communication via email and we will gladly schedule a phone call with you to discuss this further.

Emily D

Sema is amazing and the best nanny we ever had. Many people assumed she was our sons grandma- that is how warm and loving she is. She helped socialize our baby and taught him a lot, as well as us as first time parents. She is professional and committed to her job. She is also an amazing cook!

Marcia W

Sema is the best nanny we ever could have asked for. She is always 100% focused on our son when she is with him. Her love of children is obvious, and her passion for bringing out the best in every child is evident when you see her work. She is patient, positive, and hardworking! Since hiring Sema as our nanny, our son has hit all of his milestones early, and there is no doubt in my mind that it’s because of the incredible one-on-one attention he receives from her when he is under her care. Our son has such a good time with her, and she makes every day interesting and fun. From a scheduling standpoint, working with Sema has been great. She is extremely reliable and punctual. She is also willing to adjust to minor changes if we are running late or need her to stay a bit longer or start earlier. Sema is a wonderful cook and is able to prepare all types of food to accommodate adult palates while also ensuring that our son is eating a balanced diet of whole foods that are nutritious and tasty. We always know he’s being offered healthy food and lots of water throughout the day when she is with him. We wish that everyone could have a nanny as wonderful as ours, and we know how lucky we are that our son is under Sema’s care when we’re not around. She really is the best!

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