Caregiving 101: Live-In vs Live-Out Nanny

May 23, 2019
When you choose to hire a nanny for your family, you must also decide if you're looking for a live-in nanny or a live-out nanny. The baseline is the same: y
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A New Pathway for Care Providers to Become Canadian Citizens

May 7, 2019
If you are a caregiver who has worked in Canada, but does not have permanent resident status, a new government pilot program is making it easier to make Can
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How Much Does a Nanny Cost?

September 14, 2018
Part of the process of deciding whether or not to hire a nanny for your family includes considering the financial impact to your family. You know you need or want some help with childcare, and think that a nanny is the answer but what's it going to cost you? In this article, we breakdown the cost of a live-out and live-in nanny in Canada including all the taxes deductions!
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The Winners and Losers of the Minimum Wage Hike

August 3, 2017
Wondering about the effects of the minimum wage hike? Turns out a lot of caregivers and families in large Ontario cities are going to be affected.
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Sponsoring a Foreign Nanny: All You Need to Know in Plain English

August 1, 2017
In this article, our experts at and Heartpayroll , breaks down the Government of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and how
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Best and Worst Cities to Find a Nanny

July 26, 2017
Wondering where it is easiest and hardest to find a nanny for your family? Read on to learn the best and worst cities in Canada to find a nanny.
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Nanny Sharing: Pros, Cons, & How-To

April 11, 2017
Our comprehensive guide to nanny sharing. Read on for a complete list of pros and cons, as well as an extensive how-to guide for hiring.
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10 Important Travel Tips for Snowbirds Flocking South this Winter

February 3, 2017
More than one million Canadian seniors head south each year, and this number only continues to rise. Snowbirds, who are often retired and have no desire to deal with the cold Canadian winter, prefer to spend their time down south in warmer regions in the southern United States such as Florida, Arizona, and Texas. Some even spend their winters in Mexico and other Central American countries. Who wants to have to deal with shovelling snow, icy roads, and slippery conditions, when they could be walking on the beach, right?
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Snow Day! How to Keep Kids Entertained All Day Long

February 1, 2017
After a heavy snowfall, kids listen anxiously to the radio, glue their eyes to the TV screen to see if they’ll be lucky enough to have a snow day. If you’re a nanny or a babysitter, you have little to no time to prepare for these days as they usually announce school closures the morning. So what do you do for the six or seven extra hours that you didn’t plan for? Below are a few ideas for activities to do during a beloved snow day!
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6 Options When You Need a Babysitter While on Vacation

January 29, 2017
Vacationing with young children is delightful but there are times when parents need a break to enjoy each other's company. A vacation babysitter can provide the help you need! But how do you find a sitter when you're away from home? What options do you have? Let's have a look at six different types of child care often available to you while on vacation.
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