You’re a Disgusting Parent!

June 10, 2013

Like any other mom, my goal is help my children's dreams come true. I can confidently say that both of my daughters will look back at their childhood and agree that I have done everything in my power to help them realize their dreams. As a result, last weekend I was called a disgusting parent.

​My oldest daughter Sophie has been selected to be on the provincial soccer team in BC.  If your children are involved in team sports, you will know that at the age of 14, this is as high as she can go. The issue is that we live about 2 ½ hours from the field. The majority of this travel time is a ferry ride over the Straight of Georgia to Vancouver. Everyone else on the team lives within an hour of the field.

During a recent game, another parent approached me and started asking questions about our travel; “So how long have you been travelling for your daughter’s soccer?” and “Wow! And she sometimes has to stay with friends on the team overnight?” “That must be expensive!” I was only half listening and answering, as I actually wanted to watch the game. Then, just as the parent leaves, he says, “That travel is crazy…you are a disgusting parent!” 

When I heard this, I went through a wave of emotions. Does this parent think I'm some kind of tiger mother, forcing my daughter to play soccer? Does he realize that with girls soccer there is no big pay day at the end? That I am only doing this to help my daughter’s dream come true (and sacrificing a little of myself at the same time)? Then I get angry…angry at myself for not telling him off. I had about 5,000 clever comebacks run through my head 20 seconds after he walks away.

As parents, we can't let others judge us. I know what is right for my daughter and family. Sophie eats, sleeps, and dreams soccer. It would fill me with regret the rest of my life if I didn’t do what I could to make this dream come true for her. My hope is that I have set a good example for her and she does the same for her own family.

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