Winter Isolation, Nannies in Canada

January 23, 2015

Recently, we received an email on from an Ottawa nanny describing how isolated she feels at her Ottawa job during the winter months. This is something we are sure both nannies and stay at home mom’s feel. When you are caring for children in their home during the cold days, it can feel a little bit lonely. Especially if you are with infants, or the children just do not want to go out in the cold weather.

Our recommendations to this nanny and her employer are the following:

  • Arrange play dates with other caregivers in the area; take turns at each other homes. This is good for you and the children that you are caring for.
  • After you leave your job, don’t go home and watch TV. Get out however you can to be around other people. Go for coffee with a friend, or take a walk.
  • On the days that the weather is a little better, get out to the pool, library, playgrounds, etc. If you do not drive or you are worried about driving on icy streets, talk to your employer about taking a weekly taxi. We’re sure they would love the idea of their children getting out!
  • Even if it is a little cold, it is okay for children and yourself to be outdoors. Just bundle up warm and enjoy living in Canada.

If you have any other suggestions please let us know by commenting! Find all our Advice for Caregivershere!

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