Why Nannies Quit: The Top 5 Reasons

January 22, 2016

Nothing is more difficult when the nanny you and your children trust and need leaves. Sometimes they don’t give you a reason. Here are the 5 most common reasons why a nanny will quit.

1. Cabin Fever

This is often an issue with live-in nannies. Working long hours with no adult interaction can be very difficult for anyone.  Some nannies are not allowed to go out with the children due to weather or it being too hot.  Parents should allow nannies to have a social life, go to the library and play groups or connect with other nannies in the area.

2. Too Many Hours Long Hours

We often here this from live-in nannies that are often asked to work long hours. Parents come home late and sometimes don’t even call to ask if it is okay.  Caregivers love your children but like parents they need time away. 

3. Wage and Raises

Like any employee your nanny appreciates and expects a raise. The last thing you want is for the nanny that you and your children love to walk away due to a raise. If you are not sure what your nannies wages should be please contact our Nanny Payroll department at (link to payroll page here.)

4. Holidays

Many parents think that because they are on holiday they do not need to pay the nanny. A Toronto Nanny told us that a family took an entire monthly off to go to Europe and did not expect to pay her. The best thing to do is speak to the nanny in advance and see if you can have her take vacation at the same time. But if the nanny is available you should expect to pay her when you are on holiday.

5. Increased Duties

Nannies become caregivers because they love children. But we often hear often that parents that hire a nanny have unrealistic expectations a far as cleaning. Light housekeeping does not include deep cleaning 3 bathrooms. Always remember when a nanny is cleaning she is not caring for your children.

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