Who Would Make the Best Canadian Babysitter?

May 23, 2014

Canada is full of talented actors, musicians, athletes, and more. Some of these Canadians have become very famous, both within Canada and internationally. But, who would make the best babysitter?

We did this a few years ago, but there are some new faces on the scene, so we've switched it up a bit. Who would you pick for the best Canadian babysitter?

  • Donald Sutherland (actor, The Hunger Games)
  • Nelly Furtado (singer, Promiscuous, Give it to Me)
  • James Cameron (director, Avatar, Titanic)
  • Rachel McAdams (actor, Mean Girls, The Notebook)
  • Bryan Adams (singer, Summer of '69)
  • Kaillie Humphries (athlene, Olympic Bobsledder)
  • Ryan Reynolds (actor, The Green Lantern, The Proposal)
  • Avril Lavigne (singer, Sk8er Boi, Complicated)
  • Scott Moir (athlete, Olympic Figure Skater)
  • Sandra Oh (actor, Grey's Anatomy)
  • Alanis Morissette (singer/songwriter, Ironic, You Outta Know)
  • Justin Beiber (singer, Baby)

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