What to do when the Tooth Fairy is a Slacker!

May 16, 2013

"The tooth fairy didn't give me money...my tooth is still here!"

A sad face looks at you and you try not to look guilty and responsible. Here are some ways to relieve your parent guilt:

  • Walk ahead of your child on the way to bed and quickly throw a twoonie (or desired amount) on the bed. Doesn't really explain why the tooth wasn't taken, but the cash may help this to be overlooked!
  • Explain that there must be a lot of children that lost teeth last night and she (with the help of her iPhone) will definitely remember tonight!
  • The tooth fairy has very delicate wings and is unable to fly in rain or wind (a very easy excuse on the west coast!) Let her know the weather looks great tonight.
  • Tell her that the tooth fariy was in a hurry, and left the money with you.
  • Try... "I didn't leave the window open. Sorry sweetie, she couldn't get in! Please remind me to leave a window open just before you go to bed."
  • Tell her that the tooth fairy is a bit ditzy, and gets overwhelmed having to collect teeth from around the world. Leave a special light on tonight to remind her to come.
  • Come up with different reasons with your child, like "...do you think its becuase a whale lost a tooth last night that took up all her time?"

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