What Does a Live-in Nanny Cost?


Live-in nannies are the perfect solution for some families. If you work odd shifts, of need someone periodically through the day and space in your home, a live-in nanny may be what you're looking for. But, how much does it cost?

A live-in nanny isn't childcare available to you 24/7. They should still have defined work hours and sufficient time off, as well as their own private space in the home they can retreat to and not be bothered by the family. But they can offer a level of flexibility no other type of care can.

When paying your live-in nanny, make sure you offer her a fair wage for her skills and experience, as well as the position they're hired for. If they work overtime, they may be entitled to overtime pay, so her work hours schould be tracked.

Here is a breakdown of a live-in nanny working in Ontario for an example:

		$15/hour | 44 hours per week | Paid every 2 weeks

Gross pay ($15/hour x 44 hours/week x 2 weeks)


Taxes deducted (federal tax, provincial tax and employee contributions to CPP and EI)


Room and board deducted


Net pay (nanny's take-home pay)


Source deductions (taxes deducted, as above, plus employer contributions to CPP and EI)

$347.50 Total cost (your out-of-pocket expenses) $1,243


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