Valentine's Day - He's in Charge!

February 14, 2014

Last year, my husband and I decided we would take turns planning celebrations for Valentine's day. I was up first; I bought him a gift, set up a babysitter for the night, dinner reservations...the works! I wanted to make sure he felt special and loved after all these years together...he didn't have to do a thing!

This year, it was his turn. I've been so looking forward to today to see what he came up with! A night or weekend away at the cottage? Tickets to see a show on the mainland? What could it be?

Turns older daughter's soccer team need him! He is currently over 5,000km away, in Phoenix for a soccer tournament. Hmmm...was this planned?

I'm not letting this ruin the day. I'm going to treat myself! Feet up with a glass of wine! Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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