Unplug on Family Literacy Day

January 27, 2015


This year my family is going to celebrate Literacy Day by completely unplugging.  No TV, IPhone, Laptop, no social media... Not the easiest thing to do with two teenagers, but that is our plan.

Here are some other suggestions parents or caregivers can do to celebrate this very important day:


* Children read when books are at their fingertips, so put them all over the house…kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.

* Have a child tell you what they learned in school every day!

* When at the grocery store with small children, name and spell out each item as you put it in the grocery cart.

* Play lots of word games: Upwords, Balderdash, Pass the Bomb,etc.

* Take children to the library. Give them lots of time to choose different books and magazines. Try to do this regularly…why not? It’s free!

* Have a time that they read during the day. Make their reading spot comfy and with lots of light and pillows.  Show interest in there book…ask them questions about what they are reading.

* Lead by example.  Parents and caregivers should be taking the time to read in front of children.


Try and make reading fun…and definitely not a punishment!


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