5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Summer Nanny or Babysitter

May 20, 2016

Summer is just around the corner. Do you have child care yet? A summer nanny can be a great, affordable solution to give you some well-deserved freedom while still allowing your children to enjoy the outdoors and do exciting activities in their community. Here are five suggestions on ways to find that perfect summer nanny, babysitter or daycare.

1. Starting Looking Now!

Although summer is still a few weeks away, nannies and sitters are planning employment now. There are many different avenues where you can find a summer nanny… neighbours and friends, community centres, high schools, and university job posting boards. Reputable websites like CanadianNanny.ca and Sitter.com have thousands of child caregivers that specifically register to find summer work. Check out our list of great Summer Nannies still looking for jobs here.

2. Identify the Qualifications You Need

Will your kids want to swim a lot this summer? You’ll probably want a nanny that can swim!

Would you like the sitter or nanny to do a lot of activities with the children? Perhaps you should be looking for a young and energetic university student that the kids could have a blast with.

Would you like to come home to a clean home and a prepared meal every day? There are many nannies who include this as part of their services others will be focused only on the kids. Make sure you discuss this in advance. On sites like CanadianNanny.ca and Sitter.com you can indicate the services you require to help you quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Did you know CanadianNanny has over 8,000 summer nannies available for hire who are ready to do light housekeeping and meal preparation! Check it out-> Summer Nannies who do Light Housekeeping and Meal Prep in Canada

3. Do A Trial Run

You want to make sure your summer caregiver is a good match for you and your children. If possible have them come for a trial day. Try not to hover but be close by or at a minimum get feedback from your children after. It is always valuable to find out from the nanny herself if she feels that the job is a good fit for her.

4. Co-Ordinate and Discuss Vacation Plans

The ideal situation is that you and the caregiver would both take vacations at the same time, but you’ll want to determine ahead of time if the nanny is expecting to be paid for that time. Another option is to have the nanny come with you on holiday. Also, remember if you have hired a university student, be sure to ask when they will be going back to school for the fall term.

5. Plan to Attend Summer Events and Activities

It can be challenging for a nanny to keep the children occupied for long periods of time. Research local summer events that the nanny can take the children to. Remember, if it involves your children, you should be paying all travel, meals, and other expenses related to any activities. When the summer is over, be sure to keep in touch with your summer babysitter. They may make an excellent occasional sitter or may be available for the following summer.

Don’t Get Stuck Without Summer Child Care

Summer will be here before you know it! Follow these 5 tips to help you find a great summer nanny or babysitter and enjoy the warm weather!

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