Tips for Finding a Nanny in Calgary

January 24, 2013

If you’re in Calgary, you may have noticed how competitive the nanny market is. It is no secret that with so many young families in Calgary and the low unemployment rate means that there are more jobs for nannies to choose from, so they can afford to be very selective about which job(s) they choose, and their working conditions.

In any occupation or area, when employees are in high demand, the wage goes up. The same holds true for nannies. A family who is looking for a full-time nanny and offering a wage of $16/hour is likely to get lots of responses, whereas a family who is looking for someone just to drive their kids to and from school with their own vehicle and no wage posted in the ad probably won’t get many responses at all. In order to find the right nanny for your family, you have to have a good selection of caregivers to choose from. Therefore, the more appealing your position is, the more likely it is you will find someone for your family.

What makes a position more appealing?

  • A wage posted in the ad to entice caregivers to apply
  • A wage range of $15-18 per hour is typical in Calgary
  • Listing any benefits provided, such as a bus pass, transportation reimbursement, etc
  • Part-time nannies are always harder to find than full-time nannies. Try to be creative
    • maybe you can provide additional hours for housekeeping, tutoring, or evening babysitting.

If you have a part-time position, you can still make your position appealing to caregivers. Consider these options:

  • Use many resources to look for care, including community centre bulletin boards and stay-at-home moms
  • Share a nanny with a neighbour to give the nanny additional hours, or an increased wage split between two families
  • Add duties to give more hours , such as housekeeping work or tutoring
  • Offer a higher wage to entice caregivers to work part-time for a good wage

Our recruitment team works hard to make sure families in Calgary get the best result possible. We constantly recruit new caregivers for the area, and send a dedicated newsletter to Calgary caregivers letting them know we have new jobs available in Calgary. Make you position as attractive as possible following our guidelines above, and we’ll help you out so you can be as successful as possible!

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