Tips for Family Job Postings

June 14, 2011

On a regular basis, we see families posting jobs for Nannies or Babysitters with very specific qualification. Some families request a French speaking Nanny, whereas others may request a Nanny or Babysitter with ECE training.

We understand why families want such specific criteria for a nanny. You want the best person to spend time with your children, giving them a rounded experience. However, we want you to understand how this could impact your search.

  • You may be missing out on the perfect nanny who doesn't meet these qualifications. If a nanny views your posting and the qualifications required, he/she may hesitate in applying to you because they don't have the qualifications you need.
  • Although we do have thousands of jobseekers with a wide range of experience and qualifications, you will limit your search by only allowing certain types of people to apply.
  • Just because someone has ECE training, this doesn't mean that they are a great nanny. Nannies can have a lifetime of experience caring for children without having any formal training.
  • If you must have specific criteria for the nanny you hire, be realistic about the wage and duties of the position. A nanny with special training, like ECE, will likely be at least $15/hour; this person is also less likely to clean your home.

Our goal at is that you find the best nanny for your family. Please let us know at anytime if you have any questions about your search. Our staff is happy to assist you!

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