Thoughts on Mother's Day

May 8, 2014

Mother's day is a time for children to celebrate their mothers and the mother figures in their life. Everyone has different expectations for the day, and what should be done.

In 2009 I outlined my ideal Mother's Day for my family to follow, and I was able to enjoy a lovely picnic lunch with my family in the park! In 2011, I launched the new-and-improved, offering Canadians a place to find nannies, babysitters, senior caregivers in one spot, as well as adding housekeepers and pet sitters to the mix! In 2012, I reflected on the lessons I learned from my own mother, who passed away before my first daughter was born. Last year, I took my wish list public, and it was a bit more specific than my 2009 wishes!

For 2014, spending time with the  people who made me a mother is my main priority (as long as we're not doing chores!) I imagine this will include spending time watching soccer games, but hopefully also some time together walking along the beach or reading together at the end of the day.

For the children in your life, help them show their appreciation for their mother (or mother-figure!) with these fun craft ideas from our Mother's Are Special Pinterest board!

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