The prizes are in!

November 12, 2008

We were so excited to see the printers from Cannon arrive two days ago! The appliances, pots, and pans have now arrived from T-Fal as well. Unfortunately, I cannot open any of them because my house is under full renovation. The coffee maker in our bathroom and all of our appliances, new and old, are in the garage... I have no idea where the cat bowl is!

Between running the business, caring for the family, and this renovation, I am really going to need a girls weekend away! Running is literally my only escape from my home renovation. I have decided to start training for the “First Half” marathon in February - today I was up at 6am and ran 10k. I am really hoping to keep it up and improve my time from last year's Royal Victoria Half Marathon.

We are excited about all of our new partnerships with other mom businesses across Canada. I met Sarah and Minnow from recently. I was very impressed how they are committed to providing moms across Canada with important information and tips, rather than some websites - like mom sites that are clearly trying to sell you a product. Their newsletter is great too! Because my business is on the web, it can be great to actually meet the moms and partners that I am dealing with in person, rather than just through the "information super-highway".

Well, that's all for now. I'd better go before the electrician turns out the lights. 

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