Thank you to all our members!

November 7, 2008

My first blog is a huge THANK YOU to all the members of our services that voted for us in the 2008 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Award Contest. We are so excited to let everyone now that WE WON!!

In the January issue of Today’s parent, I will be featured with a photo of me with my two wonderful daughters, Charlotte and Sophie. I have gotten so many prizes from the contest! With the prize money, we are going to enhance the service and add new services to the sites. I have also always had a dream to start a Breakfast Program at a local elementary school and because of this prize, that dream is going to come true. Thank-you!

Just last week for her grade one show-and-tell, my six year old daughter Charlotte told the class that I was voted “the best mom of all of Canada”; for my own reasons I didn't correct her on that!

We also wanted to give congrats to the four regional prize winners:

  • Annemarie Tempelman-Kluit for Yoyo Mama
  • Sundi Hoffman for Bugalug
  • Laura Berg for My Smart Hands
  • April MacKinnon for Nurtured Products for Parenting

Congratulations to all of you, such wonderful women and wonderful products!

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