Tantrums and Toddlers

February 26, 2015

Yesterday one of our staff received an interesting phone call.  A Vancouver nanny reported being bullied by the 4-year-old in her care.  She explained that while the child could be very sweet, she would also throw uncontrollable tantrums when her parents were gone subjecting the nanny to biting, scratching, hair-pulling, etc.  The nanny seemed exhausted with her attempts to communicate the magnitude of the toddler's tantrums with her parents.  They were of course embarrassed by their daughter's behavior and very apologetic, but could not offer any advice on dealing with the outbursts.

Do you think that it is the nanny's responsibility to learn to rectify the child's behavior, or should the parents be taking a more active role in teaching appropriate forms of communication to their daughter?  Although it is the nanny's job to care for the child, should she also be expected to make important parenting choices such as how the child should be disciplined, etc?

Nannies and parents:  We'd love to hear your thoughts... based on experience or opinion!


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