Summer Sun Safety

June 1, 2010

​Parents and caregivers alike, be sure to brush up on your knowledge of sunscreen this year! According to Health Canada, “Exposure to UVA and UVB radiation can cause skin damage, eye damage and weaken the body's immune system.” Although, exposure to UV rays also helps us pump up our vitamin D too.

Parents and caregivers play a vital role in the development of sun-safe habits. Keep playing outside and enjoy the weather, but be sure to take steps to protect yourself and the kids for the future.

  • Try to time your outdoor time before 11 am or after 4 pm, when the sun is the most harmful
  • If you’re out in prime-time, stay in the shade as much as possible; if you’re in the sun, cover up to protect your skin
  • Use sunscreen that’s SPF 15 or higher and ‘Broad Spectrum” for protection against UVA and UVB rays
  • Apply 20 minutes before you go out, and reapply 20 minutes after you’re out to ensure proper coverage
  • If you go swimming or work up a sweat, reapply often to ensure you’re always covered
  • Make sure you get all the sensitive parts: lips, ears, nose… and feet if you’re like me!

Remember these tips to ensure that you can have fun all summer!

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