Summer Nanny FED UP!

July 13, 2011

We recently received an email from a Toronto nanny who is frustrated with her current work arrangement. Can you help provide her with some advice on what to do? Is this fair?

I started working for a family in May that has 2 children. I love spending time with these kids! I took the position based on the job being for two kids, but since school has been out, I have had at least 4 children a day. These kids are play-dates arranged by the parent, favours my family are doing for another family, or just kids dropping by from the neighbourhood (sent by their parents). I am completely worn out! I haven't received any addiitonal compensation for the extra care that I have done and they haven't even checked with me to see if I am okay with the extra work. Am I being difficult in feeling that I should be compensated for this extra work? Or should I expect this as part of my job? I was hoping to do fun things with the kids this summer, but at this rate I will not be leaving the house. Help? What should I do?

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