Summer Craft Ideas

July 30, 2009

Hot summer days are a perfect opportunity to get crafty in the great outdoors.

Taking your messiest craft projects outside extends outdoor playtime, and makes clean up a snap. Simply hose down your workspace – and maybe the kids too! Try some of these crafts outside:

Sparkly sand picture

Mix some of the sand from your sandbox with a few spoonfuls of sparkles or glitter. Choose an item to decorate, such as a construction paper shape (e.g. flower, balloon, bird), a plant pot, or even a rock. Spread glue over your item and sprinkle sand and glitter on top.  Repeat until the item is completely covered in sparkly sand. Let dry.

Squirt gun or Spray bottle painting

Mix powdered tempura paint with water to make a runny consistency. Fill squirt gun or water bottle with the runny paint. Lay sheets of paper on your outdoor work surface or hang them on a fence or wall, and start squirting. You can also lay interesting objects (such as leaves, flowers) on top of the paper and spray around the objects. Let dry and then remove the objects to reveal their painted ‘shadows’.

Toothbrush painting

A great way to reuse old toothbrushes! Dip your toothbrushes into washable liquid paint and run your thumb or finger over the brush to spray paint onto work surface. Paint rocks, paper, cardboard, or even the sidewalk!

Fairy Flower Garden

Choose a corner of the garden, or your favourite planter, and make it fairy friendly! Make a fairy path with sand, small pebbles, or glass beads. Turn an old yogurt container into an in-ground fairy pool by digging a hole that fits the container, and then filling the container with water. Add a fairy shelter by placing an old teacup on it’s side. This was a big hit with my six year old fairy lover!

And remember that the simplest activities such as drawing, colouring, or cutting and pasting can take on new life with a simple change of scenery! So get outside and get crafty this summer!

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Keri Zingle is mother of two and owner of Craft Caravan. If you love crafts but are short on time or ideas, let Craft Caravan do the work! Receive new craft projects at your door every month with the Kids Craft Club.

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