Spreading her Wings...

August 13, 2012

Many of my readers are parents of young children, or care for younger children. These cute little ones run around, filling your life with happiness, adventure, fun, and a little bit of exhaustion. I was once in your shoes (I can't believe I'm not anymore!!), but they do actually grow up. My first baby is entering high school in September...how did this happen?!

While I am sad to see her childhood nearing it's end, I'm actually surprised at how nervous she is! She hasn't ever had any problems in school, always having a lot of friends and great grades. But, she's heard that anyone entering high school is considered an 'LG' (little girl), and the youngest in the school are generally considered losers among the rest of the student body. She's told me that she's worried about getting lost in a new school (she hasn't had a new school since school was new for her!), or stuffed in a locker on the first day. Whatever reassurances I have don't seem to help her. I know that all of her friends are nervous, too; one of her friends just got her nose pierced last week, so she's cool for school.

As parents, we know that she'll be fine within the first few days in high school. As we grow, we come across plenty of new experiences that are stressful, like going to university, going on a first date, and starting high school, but it's important to experience these things and learn from our experiences. I believe that how we handle these situations create the adult we're going to be.

As the parent, I know I just have to release her from the nest and let her fly, spreading and growing her wings as a young adult.

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