Should this Toronto Nanny help her employer?

January 28, 2014

I am a Toronto nanny for a mom who has a very demanding job and life. I admire her, but worry about how much she has on her plate each day. I've noticed that since Christmas-time, she seems beyond stressed. She never smiles, she is tense, yells at the children, and overall seems very unhappy. I am a live-in nanny, and now I'm starting to feel her stress too. Should I say something to her?

This mother is very lucky to have such a caring nanny, but I suggest that you respect her privacy. When she is ready to talk about it, she will reach out to people she feels comfortable with. It's unlikely she will discuss it with you, and probably shouldn't discuss personal issues with her nanny, as she is still your employer. 

If her level of stress is starting to affect your employment relationship with her, consider doing some little extras around the house to help her out. If she is in fact very stressed right now, small gestures will mean a lot to her. If this is not her usual behaviour, rest assured she will work it out in the way that is best for her.

What do you think? Should the nanny discuss her concerns with her employer?

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