Q & A: Neighbors and your Babysitter

June 16, 2009

Just last week, I got an email from parent in Toronto. This question actually comes up more than you might think:

I just learned that a neighbor friend has starting using my babysitter. She did not ask me if I was OK with this… should I be worried?”

There is a sort of unwritten etiquette with babysitters. Usually, a person that you know (friend, family member, or neighbor) will ask you about your babysitter and see if you mind if she has the babysitter provides care for her children too. But, this is not always the case.

With our website and other services, it is possible that your neighbor has found her without knowing that your family has already hired her. Lots of families have feuded over this very issue, but at this point there is really nothing you can do that would be productive. All you can do is ensure that the babysitter is happy being employed with you. If she is happy, then she is sure to stay loyal to your family’s needs. Meanwhile, both you and your neighbor get great care for your kids!

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